Setting a Goal

I’m going to take some inspiration from a post I read recently and set myself a goal in SC2. It was easy to set a goal in WoW because I had been playing for so long — something like “do progression 10-man raiding”, or “get a full set of PvP gear”. Easy stuff. I haven’t given much thought to having a goal in Starcraft (other than being able to pursue a career as a pro gamer! lol).

With that in mind, I’m looking at a pretty straightforward goal for Starcraft: Maintain a bonus pool of zero.

Bonus pool accumulates for 1v1 at the rate of 90 per week. If memory serves, I was typically getting somewhere in the vicinity of 10 points for a win, which means that in order to keep my bonus pool low, I would have to win 9ish games a week. Assuming that the ladder system works as intended, I should average about a 50% win rate, which means that I would be looking at somewhere in the vicinity of 20 games a week in order to fully deplete my bonus pool.

Judging by a single solid session of Starcraft the other night, I can get in about half a dozen games after my girls are in bed before it gets too late to play. This means I would be looking at at least three solid nights of SC2 a week, which doesn’t seem all that unreasonable, considering that’s about the maximum amount of time I would consider raiding in WoW. SC2 has the benefit of being able to be done on my own schedule without having to coordinate 9 other people, so that’s awesome.

For reference’s sake… In season 1, I played a *total* of roughly 80 ladder games. In theory, by pursuing this zero-pool goal, I would be playing more in a month than I did in the past year. It’s no wonder that my bonus pool accumulated so much. 🙂

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Analysis, but This Time With Video!

Replay: 0007 KvR (T) – Slag Pits.SC2Replay

Game went about how I was expecting.  I wonder if I’m just in too negative of a mindframe going into these games?  Am I setting myself up for failure?  I wonder.  I’m running into the problem now that I’m focusing on drone production that my army isn’t powerful enough to stop a push head-on.  Once I switch over to army production, though, I lose track of my macro.

I’m somewhat tempted to give a different race a shot, but I really love Zerg, and I really don’t want to play another race.  I just need to get back into playing more, and get the ‘feel’ back for the game.  Well, get the ‘feel’ period, I guess.  🙂  I don’t think I ever really had it!

In any event, I recorded the one match I played tonight.  I’m not sure if recording live or recording from a replay is the ideal way to go, but I thought I’d give recording live a shot.

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The Beginning of Season 2

Won my placement match that landed me back in gold league, and then proceeded to be terrible and lose six in a row!

The last game, against specialk, actually didn’t feel too bad.  I kept up on my drone production by over-emphasizing getting drones.  I even skipped getting queens early on in favour of just getting more drones.  Not necessarily a winning strategy in the long run, but it felt good.  My two hatcheries were extremely oversaturated, anyway, and I did end up getting a third.  Without putting pressure on my opponent, though, it didn’t amount to much.

There’s such a big difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know you should do.  Honestly, I have no idea what I think about while I’m in a match — but I bet you it isn’t the things that I think about while I’m watching casts!  That’s probably one of the problems.  In any event, it looks as though I can get half a dozen or so games in between 9pm and 11pm after my girls are in bed.  I don’t reckon I’ll make a nightly habit out of it, but you never know.  Heck, I’m having fun playing even when I’m losing.  Worse-case, I get bumped down to Bronze and start winning again!  Wouldn’t be my first time down there.  🙂

Oh, and now that I have Fraps, I might start casting my own games.  Not all of them, but maybe some if they are particularly enlightening.  We’ll see.

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Loss vs Bennywoods (P)

Replay: Loss vs Bennywoods (P) – Shakuras Plateau

Random player!  Don’t see many of those!

That was a LOT of colossi!  Fortunately for me, I was emphasizing getting hydras!  I’m starting to think that my opponents must just be scouting and countering what I do.  🙂  Also, I’m just not very good at the game, in the end.  Oh well!

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Loss vs Yuncun (P)

Replay: Loss vs Yuncun (P) – Scrap Station

Lost to a 4-gate.  Lesson learned: don’t rush to mutas without:

  1. A second base.
  2. Units that can defend against a 4-gate in a pinch.

I think I ended up training drones as Yuncun was attacking…  Not the brightest move.  I do need to make sure I have an overlord closer to the entrance of my opponent’s base, instead of  off to the side.  That way, I can see my opponent’s units as early as possible, and respond quickly.

Actually, now that I think about it, I should probably just have a zergling or two out there, instead of overlords.  I already get supply blocked enough without sacrificing overlords…

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Win vs Desh (T)

Replay: Win vs Desh (T) – Shakuras Plateau

Suffered some losses from some attacks, but kept a highly mobile force of mutas and lings to deal with it, while I tech’d to brood lords.

Did a decently good job at first with drone production, but didn’t really transfer them well into gas and into other expansions later in the game.

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Win vs Steve (P)

Replay: Win vs Steve (P) – Xel’Naga Caverns

Held off early aggression and remembered to pump drones.  Fortunately, my opponent went immortals when he saw my roaches, and wasn’t prepared for my switch to mass mutas.  Added bonus — I actually remembered to upgrade to Hive and Greater Spire.

And yet, as I waatch the replay…  My drone level was always below my opponent’s.  I need to get a lot better at pumping drones when I can, even if it means losing games while I get used to it.

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