Win vs zapan (T), Placement Match 3

For the record, I love Scrap Station.  🙂

Lessons from this match:

  • Scout.
  • Spawn larva (but if you forget, spawn a bunch of creep tumors to bleed off energy).

Win vs zapan (T), Scrap Station

Did a typical fast expand after spawning pool.  Since I’m terrible at remembering to spawn larva, I was at least making a point to spawn a creep tumor when I noticed a queen’s energy was high.  As a result, I had creep spread all the way down the middle path and up to zapan’s ramp.  I’m also pleased with how I kept my overlords spread around in this game.  I was confident that zapan hadn’t expanded, and wasn’t moving out.  I didn’t know what he had inside of his base, because I wasn’t scouting, but that’s alright.

Unusually for me, I got a few banelings in this match.  His wall-off had two supply depots, so I was going to bust it.  Ran up to the ramp with a roach to scout, but got splattered by a siege tank and a bunch of marines kicking around outside his wall-off.  There was no way banelings would make it to the front door to bust it, so I pumped out a bunch more roaches and hydras instead.

I did consider that zapan might go air, so I did have a hydra den up.  Was fortunate…  He did do an air attack with a few banshees and vikings that I held off easily.  I was actually worried about a cloaked banshee attack, so I had made a spore crawler in my mineral line at my main.  zapan didn’t get cloak for his banshees, and my spore crawler was quite late so it may not have mattered, but I’m pleased that I had the foresight to get one.  🙂

Oh, I’ve just realized that a queen with loads of energy can spawn a bunch of creep tumors at once to unload it.  Should try and keep that in mind.

I did a terrible job this game keeping my resources low.  I was extremely fortunate that my opponent spent the entire game with only 14 workers total.  Once his air attack failed, I was able to easily bust his front door with my army of roaches and hydras.

Actually, looking at the replay, I didn’t actually have the hydra den until after zapan already had most of his aerial strike force.  The only anti-air I had was a queen and a spore crawler.  That could have ended so much worse than it did, had zapan gathered more resources and brought banshees in sooner.


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