Win vs Brendon (P)

Early pressure on Brendon caught a four gate and no cyber core.  Eventually made a surprise transition into muta/ling to win.

Lessons learned:

  • Early zerglings in the opponent’s base are good for pressure and for scouting.
  • Stay on top of drone production…?

Win vs Brendon (P), Scrap Station

I thought for sure that I’d be screwed economically in this game.  I opted to go for a 12 pool, and get a lot of zerglings/roaches with my larvae.

Maybe ultimately that’s what allowed me to win the game?  This is the first game I’ve really tried to get an early army.  In the future, I should try to go right for the mineral line from the get-go.

I somehow managed to get a zergling into Brendon’s mineral line that killed a bunch of his probes.  Huh.  Once I held off his initial attack, I focused on economy, getting an expansion up so I could transition into those mutalisks.  In retrospect, I should have gotten roach speed.  I love roaches!  Burrow and tunneling claws would really have been nice too.  It was really strange not getting hydras during this game.  I pretty much always get hydras.

Clever bit of micro saved my mutas in time for my speedlings to show up and take care of the stalkers.  I still ended up with way too many minerals.  My army could have been a lot bigger.


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