Win vs Inconsolable (P)

Constant void ray harassment.  I should have been able to deal with it better.

Lessons learned:

  • Deal with air harassment quickly and firmly.  Don’t use a slow ground army off creep to do it.  😛
  • Scout!

Win vs Inconsolable (P), Scrap Station

I actually did a lot of early harassment to Inconsolable in this match.  When I saw that he didn’t have any gateway units, only photon cannons, I busted his front door with banelings.  I actually hit his probe line a couple times.  Sniped his expansion too.  Was planning on a big hydra/ling doom drop, but intercepted a bunch of immortals instead.  Lost nearly all my hydras, but I assume that was all the forces Inconsolable had (and no capacity to make more), because he tapped out then.

This game really reflects how I like to get mutas: not as a strat, but as a response to something.  I should have gotten them sooner, and in greater numbers, though, to deal with those void rays.


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