Loss vs Ownagizer (P)

I believe my issue here was, unsurprisingly, a lack of anything interesting on my part.  I held off an initial gateway push, but Ownagizer responded well to my mutas with a metric ton of stalkers and a colossus to deal with lings.  I have a problem being able to pump out units when I need them!

Checklist fails:

  • Plan/Upgrade/Build — my expansion timing was terrible.  Plus, I need to remember to replace drones used to build structures.
  • Scout
  • Pump

Loss vs Ownagizer (P), Scrap Station

Like I said, my expansion timing was pretty bad.  It was too late to really be a ‘fast expansion’.  Ownagizer was going for a 3-gate robo build, which is pretty aggressive, and I really just didn’t have the resources to make an army.  I guess that’s what happens when you keep losing drones to structures and don’t pump them like you should.

Sneaky…  I remember hearing a probe dying, and thought that was strange.  Yeah, that was the proxy pylon I neglected to look for.  Interesting.  🙂

Looking at the replay, I don’t think I was too screwed up.  Needed more drones, and I still have trouble macroing properly off more than one base.  Practice, practice, practice!

2010-08-13 Loss vs Ownagizer (P).SC2Replay

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