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Setting a Goal

I’m going to take some inspiration from a post I read recently and set myself a goal in SC2. It was easy to set a goal in WoW because I had been playing for so long — something like “do progression 10-man raiding”, or “get a full set of PvP gear”. Easy stuff. I haven’t given much thought to having a goal in Starcraft (other than being able to pursue a career as a pro gamer! lol).

With that in mind, I’m looking at a pretty straightforward goal for Starcraft: Maintain a bonus pool of zero.

Bonus pool accumulates for 1v1 at the rate of 90 per week. If memory serves, I was typically getting somewhere in the vicinity of 10 points for a win, which means that in order to keep my bonus pool low, I would have to win 9ish games a week. Assuming that the ladder system works as intended, I should average about a 50% win rate, which means that I would be looking at somewhere in the vicinity of 20 games a week in order to fully deplete my bonus pool.

Judging by a single solid session of Starcraft the other night, I can get in about half a dozen games after my girls are in bed before it gets too late to play. This means I would be looking at at least three solid nights of SC2 a week, which doesn’t seem all that unreasonable, considering that’s about the maximum amount of time I would consider raiding in WoW. SC2 has the benefit of being able to be done on my own schedule without having to coordinate 9 other people, so that’s awesome.

For reference’s sake… In season 1, I played a *total* of roughly 80 ladder games. In theory, by pursuing this zero-pool goal, I would be playing more in a month than I did in the past year. It’s no wonder that my bonus pool accumulated so much. 🙂


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Analysis, but This Time With Video!

Replay: 0007 KvR (T) – Slag Pits.SC2Replay

Game went about how I was expecting.  I wonder if I’m just in too negative of a mindframe going into these games?  Am I setting myself up for failure?  I wonder.  I’m running into the problem now that I’m focusing on drone production that my army isn’t powerful enough to stop a push head-on.  Once I switch over to army production, though, I lose track of my macro.

I’m somewhat tempted to give a different race a shot, but I really love Zerg, and I really don’t want to play another race.  I just need to get back into playing more, and get the ‘feel’ back for the game.  Well, get the ‘feel’ period, I guess.  🙂  I don’t think I ever really had it!

In any event, I recorded the one match I played tonight.  I’m not sure if recording live or recording from a replay is the ideal way to go, but I thought I’d give recording live a shot.

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The Beginning of Season 2

Won my placement match that landed me back in gold league, and then proceeded to be terrible and lose six in a row!

The last game, against specialk, actually didn’t feel too bad.  I kept up on my drone production by over-emphasizing getting drones.  I even skipped getting queens early on in favour of just getting more drones.  Not necessarily a winning strategy in the long run, but it felt good.  My two hatcheries were extremely oversaturated, anyway, and I did end up getting a third.  Without putting pressure on my opponent, though, it didn’t amount to much.

There’s such a big difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know you should do.  Honestly, I have no idea what I think about while I’m in a match — but I bet you it isn’t the things that I think about while I’m watching casts!  That’s probably one of the problems.  In any event, it looks as though I can get half a dozen or so games in between 9pm and 11pm after my girls are in bed.  I don’t reckon I’ll make a nightly habit out of it, but you never know.  Heck, I’m having fun playing even when I’m losing.  Worse-case, I get bumped down to Bronze and start winning again!  Wouldn’t be my first time down there.  🙂

Oh, and now that I have Fraps, I might start casting my own games.  Not all of them, but maybe some if they are particularly enlightening.  We’ll see.

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