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Loss vs Bennywoods (P)

Replay: Loss vs Bennywoods (P) – Shakuras Plateau

Random player!  Don’t see many of those!

That was a LOT of colossi!  Fortunately for me, I was emphasizing getting hydras!  I’m starting to think that my opponents must just be scouting and countering what I do.  🙂  Also, I’m just not very good at the game, in the end.  Oh well!


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Loss vs Yuncun (P)

Replay: Loss vs Yuncun (P) – Scrap Station

Lost to a 4-gate.  Lesson learned: don’t rush to mutas without:

  1. A second base.
  2. Units that can defend against a 4-gate in a pinch.

I think I ended up training drones as Yuncun was attacking…  Not the brightest move.  I do need to make sure I have an overlord closer to the entrance of my opponent’s base, instead of  off to the side.  That way, I can see my opponent’s units as early as possible, and respond quickly.

Actually, now that I think about it, I should probably just have a zergling or two out there, instead of overlords.  I already get supply blocked enough without sacrificing overlords…

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Loss vs Dan (P)

Replay: Loss vs Dan (P) – Lost Temple

Really, I was just outplayed.  Went a two-hatch opening that I really liked, though, so I reckon I’ll give that another shot.  Just have to be able to make a proper army, and be better able to bust through a fortified position.  I guess ultimately, if I had gone for map control instead of a direct confrontation, I could have eventually starved the Protoss out…  Hm!

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Loss vs StereoMarx (T)

Replay: Loss vs StereoMarx (T) – Blistering Sands

The only thing I want to see when watching this replay is that my worker count was consistently high…  I tried to focus on making workers, to see how it felt.  I think I should have made some spine crawlers instead of a bunch of zerglings.  Especially if I’m going to make a point of not having an army.  🙂

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Loss vs CptLaxSauce (P)

Replay: Loss vs CptLaxSauce (P) – Xel’Naga Caverns

As much as I’d love to just identify the reason I lost this match as “I played poorly because I’m out of practice”, I’d be doing myself a disservice to not look more closely.

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Loss vs Droider (P)

Replay: Loss vs Droider (P) – Jungle Basin

Big problem with Zerg is when you make a building, it consumes a drone.  Ended up with a decent enough fighting force and no drones collecting resources.  Whoops.  🙂  I did manage to scout Droider’s proxy pylons, which I thought was nice.  Didn’t matter much ultimately, though.

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Loss vs Anime (P)

Apparently only platinum players play this late!  And I shouldn’t be, because I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t follow the checklist, and I didn’t expand when I should have.

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