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Loss vs Bennywoods (P)

Replay: Loss vs Bennywoods (P) – Shakuras Plateau

Random player!  Don’t see many of those!

That was a LOT of colossi!  Fortunately for me, I was emphasizing getting hydras!  I’m starting to think that my opponents must just be scouting and countering what I do.  🙂  Also, I’m just not very good at the game, in the end.  Oh well!


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Win vs Desh (T)

Replay: Win vs Desh (T) – Shakuras Plateau

Suffered some losses from some attacks, but kept a highly mobile force of mutas and lings to deal with it, while I tech’d to brood lords.

Did a decently good job at first with drone production, but didn’t really transfer them well into gas and into other expansions later in the game.

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Win vs gdragon (P)

Replay: Win vs gdragon (P) – Shakuras Plateau

First ladder match after months!  Well, month-and-bit.  🙂

Proxy 2-gate denied by mass roach.  Thank goodness for the new roach range — makes picking off pylons behind gateways much easier.

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